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Real Products and Services for the Real Economy

Greenhouse Capital Partners invests growth capital in emerging businesses that promote health and sustainability to create a positive impact on people, communities, and the environment.


Branded products and select technologies that promote health and wellness


Technologies and services that improve resource efficiency across the value chain


Growth capital filling a gap between traditional VC and PE. Disciplined and capital efficient approach to increase the probability of success

Our Credo

We are in the midst of a major revolution – one powered by technology and simultaneously shaped by evolving consumer needs, values and attitudes. This accelerating movement aims to create a business landscape in which healthy, sustainable, higher quality, and more engaging experiences can thrive. Greenhouse is at the forefront of investing in this wave of change. We’re passionate about real companies with real products that are built upon real values to stand the test of time. We focus on helping build companies that tackle both the complex issues of health and sustainability, and are themselves built upon sustainable business models.

We are a focused team of authentic, purpose driven investors, entrepreneurs and industry experts who believe that when it comes to investing, less is often more, and revenue is always the cheapest form of capital. We take a realistic, high-touch approach to investing that favors increasing the probabilities of success over swinging for the fences. In doing so, we help create tremendous value while generating options for our companies, enabling them to exit early, scale organically, or raise expansion capital from a position of strength.

Our [small] growth capital strategy fills a gap in the fundraising market for companies that don’t need the big private equity checks and don’t fit the high risk-return profile demanded by venture investors.

Investment Criteria

  • Investment Size: $500k-$5M

  • Will lead or join syndicate

  • Revenue: $1M-$25M

  • History of strong gross margins

  • Positive EBITDA or near break even

  • Proven product market fit and established / proven business model

  • Defensible market position in growing industry / category

  • Values-driven leadership team

Don’t need a big investment?
Not shooting to be the next unicorn?
You don’t have to apologize for being a real company!
That’s where we come in.

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HydroPoint Data Systems

Smart water management solutions


On-site, ex-situ soil remediation

Revive Brands

Kombucha, better for you beverage


Environmentally friendly and BPA free bottles and housewares

Linkage Biosciences

Molecular diagnostics real-time HLA tissue typing


AI for built environment and health applications


PV integrator, installer and distributor


High‐efficiency silicon wafers for solar cells

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Greenhouse’s seasoned team has 100+ years of combined operating and investment experience with deeply relevant domain and functional expertise to address the most pressing issue that our companies face.

Peter D. Henig
Peter D. HenigManaging Partner

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Eric Desai
Eric DesaiInvestment Partner

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Jen Millard
Jen MillardOperating Partner
Michael Schwab
Michael SchwabVenture Partner
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